From living and working in Africa, to working with an NGO in the UK during the Rwanda crisis, to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, I have learned to speak and write into ambiguous situations. These experiences continue to fuel my teaching in Public Speaking and as a Public Relations Consultant for Penn State University’s Global Programs.

After the sudden death of our son Mack (MackBrady.com) in 2012, I participate in the community of bereaved parents, a club that no one chooses, and yet its ranks are full of the great survivors of life. I continue to read just about every grief resource I can find and I write about walking this difficult path.

If you have arrived here searching after the death of your love then please know you are not alone. I have gathered some articles and books and written a few of my own. The poet Emily Dickinson wrote,

“Dying is a wild night and a new road.”

Apparently she was reflecting on her own death, but her words still resonate with me in the bewilderment I felt after Mack’s death. I’m glad you found yourself here and I hope you find some companionship and tools for your own journey.

— Elizabeth