Seven New Year’s Eves

Seven New Year’s Eves

July 2012, Amsterdam. Mack unpacked in 22 seconds!

There is a lighted “H” on the hospital’s helicopter tower that cuts through fog and snow and brightens summer nights. I see it from different angles, in each season, driving in and out of town. It is from that tower that Mack lifted off on New Year’s Eve 2012 for Hershey Children’s Hospital.

“I’m going on an adventure, Mom,” he said to me that night as I combed my fingers through his unruly hair and cupped his cheek in my hand, as I had done countless times. “Okay,” I nodded, hearing but not understanding.

Mack’s death happened in time seven years ago on New Year’s Eve 2012. But, the impact of his life, death, our love for him, and his legacy stretches far outside of time.

It is something we learn to carry throughout our whole remaining lives. And, each of us carries it uniquely. Perhaps the great gift we can give one another is the space to find ourselves newly, in our own time.

Thinking of the many of us learning to live newly into 2020. Thank you for remembering Mack and us today, we are so grateful. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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